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Operations & Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance 

Grounds Maintained by Brinkman Maintenance.

Weekday services include, but are not limited to:

  • Trash and weed control
  • Power washing
  • Debris cleanup
  • Dog waste station upkeep
  • Splash pad operations
  • Overall site maintenance

Landscaping services provided by Zak George Landscaping:

• Spring Cleanup occurs in April

• Irrigation Check occurs monthly, beginning in May and as needed throughout the season

• Mowing occurs weekdays during normal business hours from April/May through September/October

• Pruning occurs 4 times per season (Spring, Summer and Fall)

• Fall cleanup occurs in October

Tree Care 

Tree care provided by Bartlett Tree Experts:

• Our year round plant health care program includes services such as pest and nutrient management, watering needs, and pruning to promote healthy tree growth

Planters and Hanger Baskets 

Planters and hanging baskets designed by Green Thumb Plantscapes:

• Spring, Summer and Fall custom designed plantscapes maintained April through October.


Restroom cleaning services provided by A.R.C., Inc.:

• Daily cleaning, sanitizing and re-stocking of on-site public restrooms.